Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Virtual Path - [THIS IS YOUR SPACE ! ! ! ]

This is not my lazy self trying to make the most of it. There was a series before with the title The Virtual Path. Not quite the appropriate name to give this post (or the previous one!). However, the purpose is clear: what are the things we have to take care of while developing applications that abide by the idea of "free software"?

I know there are a lot of problems or hinderances while developing "free software" applications. It is another matter. Don't worry about them here. This is a place where you get to express what you think is best for developing "free software" applications. For a start, let me tell what I think:

Well, I see people contributing their ideas in their work. (This is with respect to coding). This piece of code will be distributed to other people and so on and so forth. So if you have access to this source code it must be critical that "you" must know who originally wrote the source code. I have not come about this idea thinking about intellectual property or anything related to it. This is a must because people must know about who wrote the program. There may be ideas that others may not have understood why it has been added. To handle such problems it becomes necessary for the original author of the source code to include information about how to reach him or her. This way other people (I assume other programmers) can ask the author and get their doubts clarified.

Although they needn't always ask the author about it in the long run, but I feel it is important. Hence something in the code that refrences the author's identity and a mode of communication is a must.

Now its ur turn.

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